Get Organized

Get Organized 1.09

One convenient organizer for class schedules and assignments


  • Very comprehensive
  • Track your course grades
  • Color-coded by term and classes
  • Useful help manual upon start-up


  • Complicated to figure out at first

Very good

If you've ever wanted a fully comprehensive class organizer and calendar on your PC, Get Organized will give you just that and more.

In the realm of schedulers, there seems to be those that fall into two categories: To Do list apps and straight-up calendars. Neither really gets the job done fully if you're a college student. Get Organized fills in the gaps in that respect, letting you be as specific and detailed as you want.

The nice thing about Get Organized is that it's more than just a calendar, and far more than a simple to do list. Get Organized seems to be targeted specifically for university students, although high school students will also find most of the features useful. You first sort your courses by school term. Then start adding in the classes you're taking in a given semester or quarter. Courses are differentiated by the color of your choosing. Define the dates the class runs from, the days of the week it meets on, and even list the room number and other important information.

Get Organized even takes it a step further from there, however. By allowing you to note all of your assigned homework, assign a priority level to each one, and even input information about the required textbooks per class, you really have no excuse for not getting things turned in on time. There's also a really helpful option to email your professors via one simple click if you've added their information into the proper field.

The only hang-up a user could possibly have with Get Organized is that there are so many features that it's possible you might miss one or two. Luckily, Get Organized also comes with a very handy help prompt upon start-up that you can later choose to disable once you've learned all the tricks.

Get Organized is also available in a portable version, allowing you to take the program virtually anywhere you can imagine going yourself.

For a comprehensive class scheduler and assignment organization tool, Get Organized is not to be missed.

Get Organized


Get Organized 1.09

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